Helping young people fuel their passion

It’s almost a truism of our time that school students are more interested in computer games and their mobile phones than they are in learning. How often do we see students struggling to maintain focus in the classroom for minutes while having laser-like focus for hours on end when playing computer games online? If only the same level of focus could be applied to the classroom, imagine what could be achieved?


Well, at LagSwitch we don’t just image this, we make it happen.


Based on principles developed for sports psychology and leadership development, we have created a training platform that rapidly develops life skills in students through the use of computer games. We use modern PC games like World of Warcraft to teach school students communication and cooperation skills, along with leadership, teamwork and working together. Unlike other forms of training, we generate a high energy, positive environment that demonstrably increases the uptake of these skills via the high engagement environment of computer gaming.


We run our programs in our facilities or in your school. We offer a variety of age-appropriate games suited to the interests of different student cohorts, combined with a structured set of objectives for individual game teams. Through a process of coaching, education, mentoring and feedback, students learn to communicate and cooperate when all they think they are doing is winning a round of gaming against their classmates.


If you are looking for ways to increase engagement with your students and provide them with robust life skills, then LagSwitch is an option that should be on your list.


LagSwitch – next generation training for the digital generation.