Creating and supporting the local eSports scene

LagSwitch is a new startup company revolutionising player development in the eSports arena. Founded by QUT Students Michael Trotter (Exercise & Nutrition Sciences/Psychology) and Dylan Poulus (Psychology) LagSwitch was created to provide more effective training programs and development pathways for eSports athletes looking for a predictable route to the elite and professional ranks of eSports gaming.


LagSwitch has created advanced eSports programs by incorporating proven psychology and physiological training principles into development programs to accelerate skill development and player capability. By using scientific principles in the design of our programs, we create frameworks for stepwise skill development that have previously taken place in unstructured environments. Much like traditional sports, LagSwitch’s programs provide a tiered program of skill development that progress athletes from casual gamers through to expert levels and onwards to elite and professional ranks. These programs are based on proven training principles, customised the specific needs of eSports athletes.


LagSwitch is currently in the process of deploying its first eSports program for the Queensland University of Technology. Fully endorsed by the University, the program is creating an eSports platform that includes a dedicated playing space, structured programs for athlete progression, organised competitions that provide a gateway into elite and professional competitions, and a gateway for the University to undertake research into gaming and its impact on real world skills and mental wellbeing.


This first program will be up and running in the first quarter of 2017. As part of this, LagSwitch is establishing a student club on the QUT campus and is in negotiations to secure the necessary space and equipment before rolling out the structured training and competition programs. The company is also in discussions with QUT about potential lines of research that will help strengthen our understanding of eSports performance and its impact on the player athletes. This work will underpin the securing of research grants which will benefit the University, the LagSwitch eSports program and eSports athletes more generally.


LagSwitch is excited to be at the forefront of eSports development in Australia. Our mission is to enable eSports enthusiasts from all walks of life to achieve their maximum potential in the eSports arena. We will achieve this through our vision, which is to be the leading provider of eSports training programs in Australia and one of the top five providers globally.


For more information about LagSwitch and our eSports programs, you can contact us at [email protected] or on 0400 041 998.


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