Facilitating better teamwork and communication in the corporate world

The development of high performing corporate teams is a key objective of any organisation. Developing teams that trust each other, communicate effectively and know how to both lead and follow, is a key element of achieving high levels of organisational performance.


Creating effective teams has historically been a gaining shared experience, combined with structured training to create robust communication and leadership skills. In the past, this has involved classroom-based programs and trust exercises that often fail to embed the required skills after the training is complete.


LagSwitch is revolutionising the effectiveness of corporate training by overlaying structured skills development on sophisticated multiplayer computer games. Drawing on principles drawn from sports psychology, leadership development and war-gaming our games based training programs provide a significantly more engaging platform for the development of high-performance teams.


Unlike normal class-based learning, this approach puts teams in high pressure, real-time virtual combat environments, where communication and teamwork are vital to success. When combined with the competitive nature of most high-performing employees, this allows us to shape their behaviors to significantly increase levels of performance along the dimension of cooperation, communication and leadership/followership. As the gameplay is a positive experience, the advancements in skill development are much more durable than achieved in traditional leadership development programs.


LagSwitch’s games based training programs bring leadership development into the digital world. For more information, you can contact us at [email protected] or on 0400 041 998.