Our story and our aim

LagSwitch is about to go to market with a new way to fuel a passion for learning, empower teams and co-workers to unlock hidden skills and hero new ways to build great communication and collaboration within your teams – by tapping in to the skills developed and honed by professional eSports athletes, we are aiming to break down what happens within teams when they’re under immense pressure to perform – how do they communicate efficiently, assign roles and responsibilities, and most importantly; how do they work successfully together?


Our hands-on workshops will look at these patterns and behaviours and overlay with the latest research from performance- and positive psychology to enable both corporates and schools to unlock the best in their people.


Our close partnership with QUT eSports allows us to work closely with eSports athletes, tap into a deeper understanding of their unique skill-sets and coach them to improve their gameplay and performance, as well as bringing the skills of eSports athletes into the light and remove the stigma that online gaming has had for too long.

LagSwitch is founded by QUT students Michael Trotter (Exercise and Nutrition Sciences/Psychology) and Dylan Poulus (Psychology). Both avid gamers, they’re utilising their understanding of the eSports scene as well as their education within performance psychology and exercise science to bring LagSwitch together and break new ground when it comes to building successful teams.